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Does this apply to Hunting Horn Buffs?
No. If the description was more vague I would gamble that it would've, but they're very clear on what it does work for.
They have a separate skill for that- Horn Maestro.
How does it affect the HBG?
it doesnt
For insect glaives, is it the insect essence buff durations that are extended?
Yes. The insect essence buffs are extended
Power Prolonger’s stat bonus seems to have been buffed.

The wiki during the time of this comment lists Lv 3 as a +30%, but the skill in-game now says +40%.

Correct stat:
Lv 3 Bonus duration +40%
How does it affect the Dual Blades? Most of the time you "waste" the charge while doing moves so I don't get how useful could this be compared to the other weapons
I was gonna ask the same thing.
It prolongs the archdemon mode. Which is dumb bc you want to be in demon mode anyway for Max dps and build archdemon while in demon anyway
will this increase the sharpness level
no. handicraft is the skill that increases sharpness level
what a stupid random question
An Absolute must have for Switch Axe ZSD spamming! Maybe the most fun build in the game.... imho.
Does it help with the hammer?
The hammer's power charge is not determined by a duration. It lasts until you are hit, staggered, or otherwise interrupted.