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oddly enough a really good healing pyromancy hard to get but worth it if your opponent stays within close range of the healing orb with you as you get back dat hp
A really good pvp farming spot is the Ringed inner wall, with the arrow mobs keeping the host in one spot.
Naaah, I prefer fighting gankers behind Pontiff.
In pvp, I run an LV65 Miracle build with pyromancy on the side. Since I rely on Lightning Stake (which has a really big hitbox and high damage.) I think it would be really funny to bring Warmth along to lure people in and then punish with Stake, seeing as Talismans have poise casting and I can do so uninterrupted. I could also bring along Wrath of the Gods or Divine Pillars of Light to scare enemies off as me and other allied phantoms heal up. If anyone reading this has a miracle build lying around, try this and let me know how it goes.
I love this miracle for PvP invasions because of the aggro effect it has on people. I haven’t tried Lightning Stake but it works really well with iron flesh and a quick weapon bundle. People come rushing in and you can punish them quickly Also works well with force for knocking people off ledges
Please a big F in the comments for miracles the best heal in the game is a PYROMANCY!? WHY!!!!!????
Still Faith requirement so run with White Hair Talisman and you can still cast your miracles without hard-swaps.
You mean the best "regen" the best heal is the old good sunlight
a pyro glove is 0 weight, just press a button to swap catalysts man
Praise MY sun now!
I love to invade people and just heal them after they fight enemies. It's pretty funny how untrusting they are of you, but it's a nice way to help out if you don't feel like waiting to be summoned :D
"This mad ghost is gonna attack me at any moment, I know it..." <.<
To farm, get a buddy to summon you, then once you sumkon they kill themselves and you get item, repeat, did it in twenty minutes, otherwise have fun with the skelebois
Another option without making your buddy burn their embers is to do three things. Get a third friend or someone to help, summon them and whoever is the mad phantom kill the other phantom or have them off themselves so that way the summoned player doesn't lose out on their ember or souls...

the second way is to use the ring that makes yoh look like a white phantom or host and gank anyone who invades or is summoned (Farron/Aldrich or Blue Police)

Third option is a bit more of a slog, invade in the fight club area and just hide if its a fight club until someone dies and you get the rewards, if irs not a fight club or they decide to hunt you for hiding then you got enough time to black crystal out or try your luck lol
Anon 1 you don't need an ember to summon dark spirits, and if so is a problem use a password
if you want to farm with me just add me PSN: iTzFiZex
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In my limited experience, invading the Crucifixion Woods around level 25ish seems to be the fastest way to get 30 VS. Good thing about the MM is you can go for summons which may be weaker than the host and still get that profit.
That's what I am doing now but it's all Gankers and Twinkers down there "sure that ringed armour Lapp halmet and Morne hammer are legit at this level here.
finalyl i have this after long