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Figured out the hard way the damn thing breaks out of both types of traps almost instantly, even when it's not enraged
For me it was in there for quite a bit. Use pitfall trap and stun it and it'll stay there even longer
Another monster that has no hammer or great sword... of course
Any tips on the best place to get investigations on this thing? I.e I’ve gotten silver rath by doing recess safaris
level up wildspire wastes to lvl 6 thats where you can summon her best
bit late but that's not the question. I was asking how to get investigations. Guiding lands is terrible for harvesting normal monster parts.
you summon her to guiding lands then pick up tracks for the investigations
I think someone got really butthurt when trying to hunt a Gold Rathian.
Luckily I’m a dark souls veteran
If you want a world of butthurt, level up both coral highlands and wildspire waste. What'll happen is this: you'll eventually see both gold rathian and silver rathalos on the map together. And if you try fighting one, the other will continuously be called back, so you'll be almost perpetually fighting both simultaneously until one dies. I would know, I did this. I fought silver rathalos in the coral section and every time I fended off rathian, rathalos called her back after only about 2-3 minutes. Dung pods wouldn't work. On top of this, deviljo was also present, but thankfully dung pods work on him. At some point things got weird, the "gold rathian is soon leaving the locale" notification popped, and when rathian effed off back to wildspire, she stayed there, but then the rathalos left coral and flew over to her zone. So I went over there and dealt with them there for a bit. Eventually fended off rathalos causing him to fly back to coral, so I decided to flashbug rathian in the face so I could make a clean getaway back to coral (rathalos was my initial target of interest). I got 3/4 of the way back to coral when @$$hole decided to leave and fly back to wildspire again. So I hauled all the way back there, dealt with both AGAIN, only this time when he left I immediately flashed rathian and ran far enough away I could use tailraider transport and when I got back to the rathian, the prick was just about to fly off but luckily I saw it coming so I flashed him down and started fighting him again. And killed him. It was sh!tty and I recommend noone do this unless they want a real annoying challenge. Dealing with both these !@#$ers simultaneously was horrible. The only thing I can think of that would be worse is fighting both toaster and moonbutt together.
Hello all, I've got some questions mostly concerning the Gold Rathian Surspike. Because it will pop up if anyone actually responds to this, yes I'm aware I need to get good. My skill level is likely a factor in what's been going on and I am genuinely trying to improve, that's not what this is about: Gold Rathian Surspike, how the heck do you get this thing? Since reaching an appropriate rank to face it I have fought this thing, through a combination of Guiding Lands hunts and the Event quest, 47 times. 47 times and not a single drop. Is the drop rate just THAT low? Is cutting the tail a must? (something else i've also never managed to do). I've tried loading my build for max elemental damage, max partbreaker, I've tried using traps to slow it down, I've tried putting it to sleep, I've tried wounding it; nothing seems to work. I'm not a world-class expert hunter, but I'm competent so my main question is: what am I doing wrong? Could this be a bug of some kind?(i'm sure it's not, I'm just honestly running out of possibilities) To sum up, please help. If anyone has any tips or feedback on a way to at least increase my chances of getting this thing I'd appreciate it. Nonsense over, flame away now I guess...
Did you chop off the tail at any point? It can be carved from the severed tail. Also guiding lands is terrible for parts (especially tail parts since it removes the normal drops from them when you carve them) and I don't actually recall the event quest with gold rathian, but you actually want to do investigations. Specifically ones with a lot of gold rewards.
OP here. I've been trying to cut off the tail but no dice. I've heard that you can get it from tail carves, but JFC it just wont come off! I'll keep trying though since I'm honestly stumped. I've soloed it, I've hunted it in groups with all combinations of weapons you can imagine and it won't come off. I've encountered it dozens of times in the guiding lands, both finding it on my own, and joining other hunters' sessions and haven't picked up any investigations either. I haven't really explored investigations though, so that's something else to try. I appreciate the feedback! Thank you. I've been playing since launch, so I know how the game works, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Same responder here, Yes that tail is a pain to sever. Its the cornerstone of Gold Rathian's dangerous attacks so it has higher part hp than average. Bring partbreaker skills and a high power sever weapon like a greatsword or charge blade. Make sure you tenderize the tail and focus it down. I can confirm from personal experience that it can be severed, but it takes a lot of effort. As for investigations, use the tailriders to get investigations. I believe gold rath comes from waste safari's though I may be mistaken.
Capture, always capture. Also, RNGesus knows what you want, and won't give it to you. But seriously, capturing it with the 3-piece Kirin armor bonus helped me get a lot of surspikes as bonus rewards, even if you don't chop off the tail.
OP here again: I have to admit I didn't think of the Kirin set skill. I will test that out tonight and report back. Could this be the answer I've been looking for?
First, How have u killed this thing without cutting off the tail and second it’s a low drop rate so just keep trying
can you pls update that it also spawns in volcanic area
just carved 3 surspikes in one hunt, one from tail ofc and 2 from body XD
Getting an investigation where you actually hunt this ******* thing is downright impossible. Seriously, why the **** does a creature from the wildspire waste region gives only investigations from the CORAL *****ING HIGHLANDS!? I got over twenty investigations after six hours of grinding and literally every single one was about a different monster from the highlands! The RNG for this thing is bull*****
I've killed it 26 times. Been doing random things in between. I find myself with 4 investigations of it. But yes for the most part it was extremely hard getting investigations for it at first for some reason.
Send tailraider safari to Elder's Recess, I've gotten plenty of silver and gold rath investigations this way
Basically a "coked-out, no lagtime, or cooldown" Rathian that breathes nuclear fire