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The silver necklace thing on the chest piece appears to be two snakes intertwined upon closer inspection
Seeing how it belongs to a scholar of dark, could it be a reference to the Primordial Serpents?
Now I can finally be Gandalf
Now equip a sword and a staff and go to the bridge leading to the Profaned Capital and yell "You shall not pass!" at the gargoyle that appears.
Canonically*****stained to make one of my favorite sets in the game.
Karlas hat, darkwraith chest piece, darkwraith gauntlets, lorians leggings, any buffable katana with carthus flame arc, and a pyromancy build. Bloodborne: Keeper of the Old Lords
Edit deserter chest would be better
The fact you find Karla's clothes with the prison Chief's ashes is more than a little disturbing >_>
People will do anything to stay alive. Just look at how the french women consorted with the german occupiers.
Cornyx says "only one terribly afflicted, or burdened by deep sorrow, could begin to understand this" when offering him grave warden tome. It seems to imply one has to go through heavy suffering to comprehend the nature of dark. While Karla might have gone through bad stuff in the prison, there was certainly more grim stuff in her past, as hinted by the description of Dark Edge, potentially implying matricide at Karla's hand. Karla also said she used to be consumed by the lust for power. There's a lot of mystery about her.
People ridicule the Fallen Knight trousers for it allegedly being stained by bodily excretions, but reading the description of Karla's set I think her is worse. You're wearing filth all over!
Yeah but KARLA'S filth, not some random failed knight. cmon, it's kind of hot.
Karla is canonically stinky.
Karla is Yuria the Witch from Demon’s Souls, the same set and almost same backstory.
Some voice actor as well