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Wow this thing looks like Grigori from Dragons Dogma
sooooo glad im not alone on this



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It doesn't. Not even remotely other than both being dragons and red. They're not even the same shade of red. Everything else is differently shaped. But let me guess, all dragons look the same to you huh honkey?
I just wanna know its weakness lol
Dragon 5 star
Nothing in the game is 5 star weak to anything. He's 2 star weak to every element, BUT, he's 3 star weak to elderseal, which drains guys energy faster. That's why dragon is the best element against him.
It must be more fun than it’s baby form.
To complete the set you need to break his head! HIS HEAD! Thats no joke and it's no fun. It means days of work and crossing fingers.
the weapons are awesome and you can do the normal augmenting on them along with the extra augmenting from the siege materials.
it can be put to sleep
just like the combat of this "amazing" game


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I find this traditional red dragon look to be just amazing!
What is the element of the beam attacks? Fire? Dragon? None?



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I'm inclined to believe it's dragon, but what's the source on that? I think people are just assuming it because of Xeno. When Safi does the pin attack the beam sets you on fire, so maybe some beams are dragon and some are fire, or maybe they are both elements simultaneously.



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I tested with swapping the +20 resistance +10 def skill against his double beam attack (weak then strong) and found out that no, it doesn't have any element. I had screenshotted after getting hit with both and put the bars side by side, and the bars were exactly the same for the elements. Without any of the skills, the +10 defense was a noticeable small difference.
i dont like his design he looks way less otherworldly now and just looks like a jacked rathalos
Joke's on you, no official source ever said it was otherworldly. People just look at Xeno and immediately conclude alien, but in the context of MHW it clearly just meant "strange" since no one had ever seen anything like it.
i never said it was an alien i said it looked otherwordly becuase it literally was a 6 eyed glowing blue dragon that hatched from a crystal made of energy but upon growing up it looses all of that and now its just a big red dragon
If you looked closely only two of those "eyes" glowed strongly and when you break it's head those two were left while the others were left it only had two functional eyes the others were probably just decoys
this is where it gets weird because the xeno we fought was confirmed to have come down in the "sapphire star" that crashed int the elder recess so how it got there is still a mystery


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I've been wondering if Safi is based off of one of Capcom's other really iconic bosses...the Dragon from Dragon's Dogma. She really resembles him.
It's officially confirmed Safi is based on Jake from American Dragon: Jake Long.
this is smaugh. there is no mistaking it.
Looks like Grigori. Just like Vaal looks like the cursed dragon
After how long this content has been out and how quickly information was added, and still no mention of the 5th heavy bowgun, Safi's Rapidcannon? Okay.
When are you idiots going to realize wikis are fan projects? Nobody is getting paid to update this. If you know of something that exists but is not here, then add it, otherwise just shut the ***** up.
Fans? That would be new to me. See the adds left and right? Welcome to the internet btw...
@Anon2 How can you be this insanely ignorant. Sites aren't being ran for free, it's either ads or donations or the site won't run. If you genuinely believe that they're making any substantial profit from Ads of all things, you're so *****ing biased that you're even pulling facts from your ***. It's a wiki, learn what that is before you start saying some dumb***** again.