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After completing DS SOTFS. I continue to play NG++ and I realize you will always be weaker than the enemy... 2 hits will kill you? X(
A lot of Weakness info here is wrong.
ds2 easily has the worst bosses in the series, at least the dlc kinda redeems it a little.
Over half those fights are garbage too.
Bed of Chaos, though? Bed of Chaos is possibly the worst boss in video game history
i know im late, but bead of chaos is nothing compared to the *****ing areas in ds2, the *****ing water with 10000 casters *****ing you over, until you have the patience enough to kill all of them, or find exactly the right route to go without being hit once
I play Sotfs on Pc and use keyboard and mouse. I also went to NG+3 and realized nothing changed. More enemies are placed. The boss only needs 1-2 hits to kill you. especially DLCs add more red ones. I don't understand? Even if I increase the level, everything is the same. 1-2 hits bosses. Ordinary enemies 2-3 hits. Finally, I realized that this game is designed for online with many people. The character has no special skills compared to most bosses while I wait for something special from it but it doesn't exist. I wonder: is inconvenience difficult? There is a lot of sand in the control and interaction system, but it seems to be too old when DS3 is available. Because I played DS 2 Sotfs, I won't choose the soul game series.
Cool story bro.
Git gud scrub
For games only like it or not.
If you don't follow the rules of the king, you will be "git gud". I don't understand why people like "git gud"?
So your complaint is that the game doesnt fresh after completing it 3 times?



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I am unable to comment on the aldia page to say this: He Cannot Be Poisoned
you can poison him with Dark fog, look at this video
I finally went to NG+7...


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Says it won't work getting 1 milly sm on ps4 to get through the shrine of winter, but i done it... hah had to git gud to beat the first handful of bosses though... but the game's easier now that i actually pay attention to the enemies moveset, die a couple times too figure out their moves/when too dodge or strike and you're golden really
NG+7 I feel more and more slowly than the enemies. I'm in NG+4 of DS3. I see DS2 really has too many ridiculous restrictions. All the bosses I just hated Burnt Ivory King and were upset with Sir Alonne, my boss was afraid of Elana, Squalid Queen. Is still greatsword+10 from DS2 to DS3, just feeling.
Also, what?
It's been awhile since I played this game and the dlc bosses are the most memorable of the list for me. Probably cause I died too them more...
Going to start DS2 soon, seems like hell more than ds1 & ds3 xD
Yes I’ve fought every boss in every dark souls game and dark souls 2 will cause extream anger
It is, but not in a good way