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Book is sold by "Black Ring Alchemist" in the camp near "Wordless" on the Nameless Isle, Act 2.
This skill becomes true OP when you use this as scroll form. It cost only 1 AP and no SP with full effect!
Cast haste to your caster before the battle so the caster could start with 5 AP, tear the scroll, then wipe out your enemy.
key item 'puppet bead' is sold by many miscellaneous sellers after you become lv 16. It has same icon with ruby.
I know, the scroll is such a *******.
This is the ultimate skill of a godwoken!
What do you guys think about this combo (need to be/shapeshift into an elf and have elemental affinity)
Fane gives you an extra turn
Turn 1: Flesh Sacrefice -> Apotheosis -> Blood Storm -> Adrenalin -> Grasp of the Starved -> Skin Graft
Turn 2: Adrenalin -> Blood Storm -> Grasp of the Starved

I feel like nothing can live trough that..
Buffed, either the storm or the grasp should kill everything. Doing both twice feels kind of cheaty, like taking candy from a toddler.
Puppet Beads are sold by vendors starting from level 18 (Act 3 & 4). You don't need Poly 5 just for this skill.
glasscanon Fane shapeshift into elf=15 AP in a row First turn: Apotheosis, Timewarp, Haste, Flesh Sacrifice, Adrenaline =4AP left 2nd turn: Skin greft, Timewarp, Adrenaline, Flesh Sacrifice, (hasted) = 6AP left 3rd turn:-2 from adrenaline, +1 from hasted = 5AP left Perfect as a mage to burst the whole ennemy team with source spells
You can't timewarp more than once per combat.
people are claiming you can get this scroll in act 2, and i have no idea how.
So, to craft this, I thought it was impossible, until I found a creepy necromancers dungeon, with a puppet bed, and I killed him, took the bed, and made the scroll, then combined it with a blank polymorph book, then within learning it, I was completely awesome, so that when I had 8 ap with lone wolf, I applied apotheosis just before battle, then did thunderstorm and meteor shower, my turn again, pyroclastic eruption then hail storm. I killed everything in the area. there were like, 500 voidwoken and magisters, from tactician mode, so that makes me BOSS! #Don'tTryMe
FAQ: When done using this, do you get +2 source points when you use a smaller skill like fan of knives or chain lightning!?!?!?! I want to know because that can be super useful I just need to use 2 source skills a 1 source one and a 2 source one, then I can use it again. HAAAAAAAAAAAA!
you can use as many source skills as you want after using Apotheosis, but it won't give you back source points.
Actually a pretty strong spell. Buffs up your primary attribute and wits as well. With adrenaline it's quite easy to cast two powerful source skills or even 3 over a couple of terms, which usually ends engagement. For example, you can cast blood storm and grasp of the starved. Or closed-circuit, thunderstorm