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New dodogama Poogie costume in iceborne
The dodo-ham-a
There is another new costume called Pretty in Pink inside the new Canteen, to the left of the counter you sit at.
How do you get him over to Selina? I haven't seen my poogie there yet.
I put him down near the molding pots in selina and it said I got like memorial strips (soemthing). Looked everywhere cant find the item. I already had the costume and said it sent it to the box but cant find it anywhere and didnt save video/screen shot of it. Help.
It was a poogie doll. Just got another called Poogie Doll(Emperor's Duds). Still no clue where it goes or what it's for. Says it goes to item box but not there.
they are decor for you room , they go on cabinets
Fluffy Fairy Costume found at the torch to the left of the Steamworks.
How do I get my Poogie to Seliana?
It just eventually shows up there. Probably related to story progression. There’s no specific action you need to take.
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