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largest size at 2451.62
PS that was the silver Crown Size
Destroyed it first time on forest without effluvial resistance with one m8, probably because i stick around it and theres a hammer aside keep KO it so i can dps. it destroyed me back the second time i fight it.
cool story bro
Why do people enter this fight without effluvia resistance? Why? Miasma gems turns this fight from a tightrope into a cakewalk, but it seems like a good 2/3 of the randos I run into are like "nah bro, I'm too cool for this whole 'surviving' thing. That's not nearly as important as my awesome smack-other-players-while-whiffing-true-charged-slash DPS!" My eyes burn when a dude with 1/4 of his health charges in to attack the tail while it's poison puffing. But I guess it's my fault for SOS'ing, too. Oh well.
Probably because Max Effluvia resistance doesn't do ***** all and you still die in under 15 seconds due to chip damage?
But without resist, unless you're gulping berries all the time, your chance of getting instant killed/combo-ed is like 50% every time you get hit
In my case, it's because I only got one Miasma deco after at least a thousand FWRs and Alchemies. I have over 500 Meowster decos to show for it, too.
Can't run Miasma gems if you don't RNG up any Miasma gems.
The terrain makes dodging his effluvia stream very easy
The terrain was my hardest enemy, his stream and his aoe spread went trough solid objects...
until the one time it clips through the terrain and smites you.
QUESTION: Is there any repeatable quest to farm this monster? I finished the assigned one but cant find any optional ones.
sorry found it.. under MR5 Here comes the Deathmaker
It looks like a female Vaal Hazak on her wedding day!~
I used the dual blades cald twin flames they do fire And poisen damage and if i hit IT on these mossy things IT doen 52 minimum damage
Sorry called
Might be my favorite new monster. Namielle is a good contender though.
The dragon weakness is honestly a trap. Real weak are just the spore sacks (0,2) and tail and wings (0,15). Head, stomach and back are immune to dragon dmg until broken, after that they are really weak (0,25). Same goes for legs (0,05 goes to 0,2). I also would advise to use a melee weapon since the ranged hitzone values are utter trash apart from the head (unbroken 0,5/ broken 0,6) and maybe the sporesacks (0,45). Fire dmg hitzone values are ok, almost everything is around 2 stars (0,15 to be exact), even unbroken (head, back and stomach going up to 0,2 when broken). Tl;dr: Use raw dmg