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SL1 slow walk meme build: Full Giant's Set +5, Blacksmith Giant Hammer +5, Wolf Ring, Ring Of Steel Protection. If you invade someone who isn't a Twink then they will do next to nothing to you.
what a devious idea, i like it
Maybe swap out wolf ring for favor ring, just for that extra health
I mean you can but you have absolutely zero honor if you need that much of an advantage



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giant dad is bad
DeX *** is bad, just *****ing dodge and giant dad can't do*****
wut r u a casul
Does one piece afflict the stamina recovery in the equal of the full set ? or wearing just the armor ( for example ) grants you -1 stamina recovery instead of -4 ( -3 u casul )
Each piece gives -1 stamina recovery except the chest which give -2 if bot mistaken no matter what else you have for a total of -5 (-4 dad)
Yes, there are dozens of giantdad copycats in the Remaster, incase someone might be wondering pre-purchase.
Giant Dad. . .more like Giant Bad!
Giant Dad. . . more like Giant Bad!
someone got killed by a giant dad...
The durability is WAY WRONG on the picture up top. I mean it even says down the bottom that it has 600 durability. Fextra please fix this.
Why isn't there more specific information on this page on how the armor negatively affects your stamina regen? I expected to see specific numbers.
I don't think it really does, probably just for lore purposes



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Actually a youtube channel (I thineed it's called limit breakers) did a video on the lowest stamina regeneration possible and most of the heavy armor (Havels, black iron, ect.) reduce stamina regen.
the poise is not correct