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The Forgotten Escort will use his Kirkhammer, even when the Madman is still alive. In fact, I didn't even know he had a Flamesprayer, he never used it on me.
same here, never saw him use the flamesprayer, only attacked with his kirkhammer
One of the trivia points is probably incorrect, since Ludwig's Holy Blade and the Kirkhammer are both Church Weapons, which didn't come into usage until after Byrgenwyrth's time.
I just obliterated them with the L2 attack with kos parasite. Basically oneshotted the escort.
A useful strategy for lower levels is getting the first one down enough for the second one to spawn, use the shaman bone blade and they'll attack one another most likely the first one will kill the second one
That turned this from an annoying fight to a walk in the park. Thanks!
I like their freaky asymmetric faces. At least it helps set them apart from regular NPC's a little bit.
That screenshot is amazing
Ridiculously *****ing *******
Owned hard? I'll remember you as I beat him and his little helper on the first try.
I had honestly forgotten about this boss, after I passed the Hintertombs I never went back.


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So you could say he really *is* a forgotten madman
This gank duo is somehow more disrespectful than actual players when they kill you
Small question there; so those guys are hunters so, do they drop blood dreg as any other hunter ennemy in the game or not ?