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How to unlock this quest??
you complete all optional quests and speak to the team leader
^ Can confirm, all optional quests from 1 star to 5 stars completed will unlock the quest.
Basic reading skills will probably help.
I have all optionals between MR 1 & MR 5 completed but still not quest... is there something I’m missing?
is your completed blue or is it red? if it's blue, you might be missing some arena quests.
and thats why you should always capture monsters :3
This quest is unlocked after completing all optional quests in 1-5* and completing the Shara Ishvalda optional quest in 6* called, "Faraway Lorelei".
This quest drops research comission ticket ± Which is used for a new armor set, some charms and palico gear. Palico huntsman tribute armor is cool
Is the ticket a guaranteed drop?
All arena quests, including the 6 star ones, are also required to unlock this
I actually gotten this quest without 6 star arena quest, just everything 5 star and below
Can confirm what the other reply says only all 5star and below needed, no 6 star quests necessary
Same as other replies. Had to get orange complete banner 1* through 5*. Didnt do a single arena quest for 6* and this dropped for me.
I'm just gonna put this here since no one else is talking about it. If you talk to the field team leader after finishing this quest, there will be exclamation marks over everyone's head if you do (in all 3 areas: Seliana, Astera, and the other one).
This quest sure looks daunting...any tips on which preferred element to use? Going to tackle this after a few more quests (already did the Teostra and Kushala rotation quests)
I'd use thunder for Tigrex and Narga, then switch to ice for Zinogre, Brachy and Glavenus. You should remember though, these monsters will have very much decreased health (because there's so many of them in a single quest), making it less of a challenge then it seems. Don't forget to use the traps! Especially the dragonator.
I'm gonna disagree with the guy above, while the decreased health helps this quest is a real time cruncher. Tigrex and Narg may not take up a whole lot of your time but that Zinogre has a lot of health and can sap a lot of your time, and even then you still have Brachy and Glavenus. In my experience completing this really came down to the wire
I had to complete every quest i had sitting there for 1star through 5star. I had completed all non special arena quests for all stars but it didnt show up. After doing all the special arena quests i got the orange "completed" banner and then the quest was offered by the Field Team Leader. Not sure if the Blue "completed" banner would have been enough. I had obviously discovered all quests since when i did them i got the orange banners so it seems this site is wrong that you dont need to complete them. The only ones i have not done are the special arena for 6 star.