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Lightning Clutch Ring should be added to this list, gives bonus Lightning damage to miracles
It's a miracle people still utilize this field of casting.
Restoration is a perfectly valid school of magic! Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise!
How do I like a reply because...this...this puts a smile on my face.
Spiritual +1 from me for that epic Skyrim reference
Hate that you need 30 ears for dark moon blade
Contrary to popular belief I think miracle builds are way better at PVP than any other school of magic. Because of one property they have which is poisecasting. Sure you can just spam pers to use CBV/ CSS but that makes me vomit.
I have done extensive run throughs using every magic in the game. Fire is best at pve, lightning is best for consistent PvP. They all have their place and do excellent damag though
Why is crown of dusk on the list of buffing items? I tested it with wowc and lightning spear and it didn't increase the damage. So unless I'm an idiot don't use it i gues.
It buffs magic damage, lightening damage is different then magic damage
Because 'Darkmoon Blade' buffs your weapon with Magic damage.
Done some field testing on the little poison spewing mobs in Earthen Peak to get total % increase from buffs. Test with 60 faith, starter talisman +8, lightning arrow. Left number is total damage done, right number is % increase compared to 0 rings and 0 buffs: No rings, no buffs: 261 First Born ring: 325 (19.7%) First Born + Morne: 376 (30.6%) 2 rings + Rose WA: 474 (45%) 2 rings + SSS WA: 419 (37.7%) First Born + Rose and SSS WA: 457 (43%) 2 rings + Rose and SSS WA: 528 (50.6%) Done the same test with Melee range Sunlight spear and the % ratios were the same within 0.9% margin of error (0 buffs and 0 rings: 478; 2 rings and 2 buffs: 962, a 50.3% increase) I didn't test banner, since it needs to be held for its buff to work and I'm not using it as my primary weapon.
Some of you clerics just love to *chime* in with your spells... Tho, guess what? Some of us are *unfaltering* as we use our talismans, and shall not staggered by mere words! .... I've no regrets from making this comment.
Restoration is a perfectly valid school of magic! Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise! no one will get the reference
Everyone's played Skyrim. You aren't special.
this guy is right, you're not special despite what mummy tells you