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I found this a very easy boss. Maybe I just got lucky with the combos he used, or I'm a good player with out realizing it, or just the swords I used. Also, why is there health bar so small? yeah, it has two phases, but they are Lord of Cinder! Look at ONS! There were two of them, and they had more health, each! Also, there sword is trash. It is super fun, but it has such a slow swing and is way to hard to use. The best part about this boss is the intro. When I saw this, I thought this was going to be a bad-ass fight. Every swing stun, and took a 1/8 of his health, A mighty disappointment.
Their lore is absolutely fantastic, however, ppl seem to overrate this boss. In my first playthrough, I was using the heavy greatsword and just charged R2, poise through everything and stunlock them to dead. Abyss wretcher.
Bruh, the Farron Greatsword claps in PvP and pve so I don't know what you're talking about. Slow swing my, mine does around 300 damage per R1 or RT, and my total AR is 573. The L1 or LT chain signature attacks stacks damage and yes, it is fun, but its a good catcher for people rolling. The sword is not hard to use, you just need to Git Gud. I used long sword for my entire first play through and a little in my second, then I used astora great sword for a little, then I soul transposed the Farron Great sword. And let me tell you, its easy to adapt to, it doesn't use any FP and you can parry. I can agree with you on the low HP, when you get to ng++ it starts to feel legit. And uhm, no, the other abyss watchers did not have more health Carbrón. They had less health. Though the HP is low, the fight is still bad.*** whatsoever. The music and atmosphere of what I had said before goes greatly with the boss. Btw, there aren't just two. They keep respawning the longer you're in there. Even the abyss affected abyss watcher, that helps you but can still fight you. Soooooooooooo, yeah, if you don't agree, explain why.
When I say ONS, I mean Ornstein and Smough. And by hard to use, I mean the wined up is way to slow and easily doged. My +4/10 EXGS was dealing more than there's at +3/5. And I'm still kind of new to DS3, so I haven't had very much pvp experience. (But I somehow have never lost a pvp fight, I don't know how, send help!) And I mean it when I say fun. I also found there attack's supper easy to doge, and the fire only made it slightly harder. Though I agree about the music and atmosphere. Great fight! Just not a hard fight.
Slow swing? It's a ultra greatsword xD
Even for a ultra great sword.
ONS have more health? They are also fought later in the game. And uhm...if you try using or upgrading the Dragon Tooth or Occult Club (both found in Anor Londo) they go down faster than Vordt's Hammer on the Artorias bros lol.
its always a pleasure to fight among the abyss watchers. Best otakus ever
What do you call a***** Abyss Watcher? Lord of Tinder
There can be up to three Abyss watchers at a time in phase one.
I'm probably a noob but I found theese guys easier than the crystal sage... first phase us much harder but you can just run until the glowing one spawns. Then atack the boss (or let the glowing ones kill him). Phase two is so easy to backstab. Just roll twice run behind and stab..
Do we need a better lvl to kill this thing ?
yeah its called SL:GitGud only the best can reach it
bunch of losers just like artorias
Artorias had the best of good bois who wouldn’t let you say this blasphemy
sounds like someone got F'd in the A in ds1
I wish they couldn’t be backstabbed and stunlocked
With Irithyll Straight Sword it takes 3 hits to cause frostbite and then you have enough stamina to roll away or prepare a parry. I tried a few weapons for this fight and the icy boi was the most effective choice for me.
icy boi is the best weapon in the game change my mind
Icy boi really is the best
*****ing casuals
*****ing casuals
Vordt's mace also works ridiculously good btw
Yeah casual players are the worst, always crap talking us hardcore bros. Will they never learn
Little pointy-hats!!!