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all of the t2* monsters (monsters that are supposedly t2 but drop t3 drops) are in fact t3. Gold/silver rath, rajang, seething bazel, theyre all t3 monsters despite not being elders. Check their investigations
ignore my dumbass comment i didnt read the legend XD
I don't understand. The supposed t2* monsters are indeed t3 monsters. I've checked in-game. Is there something I'm missing?


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Wrong info about multiple elders on Guiding lands. I had a turf war between Velkhana and Lunastra there.
For a brief period of time, if you are currently fighting an elder and another comes it wont immediately leave and they may turf.
I saw the icons of teostra and ruiner nerg in the guiding lands, before departing. Maybe it was patched on the update?


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Editing tables on this wiki is absolute hell. I'm trying to copy the information from into here since it's by far the best representation of this info yet, being where I got it from. You can't just copy-paste a table, nooo. Absolute hell. Manually enter every cell, 104x7 so it'll take me some time.



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You can paste tables. Here is what you have to do:
Before pasting it on the destination page go to Edit > Paste as text and untick it. This will allow you to paste formatting which includes the complex HTML code needed for columns and tables.
Here is the wiki help page URL: https://darksouls3.wiki.fextralife.com/Editing+Guide#formattingpaste
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"Note that due to a bug, one point of Geologist will double the number of drops - always equip Geologist in the Guiding Lands" yes always abuse the bugs in multiplayer game for faster progress... ffs... maybe add link to save edit mod when u are at it. its the fastest way! poggers
calm down, it's just a tiny harmless exploit you crybaby
Even with Geologist the Grinding Lands is a chore. Call it a bug, but if Capcom thought it was abusing the system they’ve had plenty of chances to patch it out
This is the most disliked comment I've ever seen.
The supposed t2* monsters are indeed t3 monsters. I've checked in-game. Is there something I'm missing?
I think this is partly a way to differentiate that they drop spiritvein solidbones rather than elder spiritvein bones, but you are correct, maybe it should be listed as t3* to show that they are tier 3 monsters with special drops rather than just tier 2.


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Good thing i have a brother who also plays, so we can max 3 locales and just join each other
Dudeee I want to unlock guiding lands so bad it sounds awesome
The Loading Lands



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I recommend purchasing Microsoft products in the future. I have the One X and it loads within seconds.
Ok shill
Tempered Rajang does not show up in L7 Coral Region.
Tempered Rajang only appears in Lvl 7 Volcanic Region
What do the monsters in purple font mean in the "Monster Frequency by Region" section? I thought it was Tempered at first, but later down the list there are Tempered monsters labeled as such.
A Rajang spawned in my volcanic region at level 3