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He is the only NPC I refuse to kill (hold for Solaire, unless he's gone hollow) he's just too entertaining and useful
He is T posing to assert his dominance over lordran.
His resulting death was purely accidental.
I hit Oswald accidentally when trying to absolve a sin and now he is hostile, can this be undone or am I fricked



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I'm sorry but you're screwed!
Mistakes were made.
Me and my bf are first run DS players. He accidentally entered the fog before qwendolyn which turned the fire pit area hostile. We didn't realize that entering the fog would boot us from the group, we were literally in the group for 8 seconds lol. Is there a way to make that firepit (not hostile)? Or are we forced to kill him and lose the pit?
You'll need to wait until your next playthrough! The good news is that you can kill the Anor Londo firekeeper for an additional fire keeper's soul and you can still warp TO that bonfire, the bad news is that the bonfire can no longer be interacted with FROM Anor Londo
Assuming that i piss oswald off by accidentally killing him, can he calm down in ng+ or it that save permanently fricked?
Oswald will reset upon starting NG+, alike all other NPCs!
This guy scared the***** outta me after I slid down that ladder
Haha me too


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Pretty sure From hired Joaquin Phoenix just to do this guy's laugh.
Joker hired Joaquin Phoenix to do Oswald's laugh
Hit oswal had to kill him.Got scared hit the female merchant. Got curse got no stone. What to do now?
You can trade in with cracked red eye orbs for 2 purging stone at snuggly in the northern undead asylum.