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Why do the largest souls (paladin, hero) Give tiny amounts of souls? I checked ingame, the number the wiki states are correct but make no sense. Did from forget some zero's?
I bet they got "hand" and "hero" reversed. Don't know how to explain the other though...
yep, soul item tiers don't make any sense in this game, and the guy pointing out the Hero-Hand swap is correct. Holy cow, these japs...
“Old hand” is a phrase that refers to someone with a lot of experience at something. The item name works fine.
The icon size, description, and even name would imply that a soul of a great paladin and all the other souls you get from NG+ would give more than the soul of a crestfallen knight but it doesn't?
I found out fading soul has selling price(at handmaiden) same as when used (50 souls). But for soul of a deserted corpse it's only 100 souls for selling than using it for 200 souls. Also soul of unknown traveler sells for 800 like using it. There might be some differences too with some others. Maybe best idea is to just use them or use to craft items with them, than selling them. But I do wonder if there's a soul that has better price for selling than using it.
did you kill her?



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That's because you killed her you idiot. Her prices change when you do that


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he simply didn’t know that, no need to entitel him as an idiot
While trying to invade other worlds for a mere toast and leave, someone actually gave me two souls of a venerable hand. Needless to say, being friendly can pay off.
Hell yeah it does
Sometimes the host just rushes you like a maniac, but when it pays off, it's glorious.
also, make sure to give something nice to friendly invaders.
Did anyone notice how the souls, from fading to great champion, is somewhat like an animation?
No they aren't, shut up.
Item images take a lot more effort than stuff like numerical values, so I doubt it was a mere coincidence.
Ur right
Oh***** ure right
Could someone give me a soul of a champion or a great soul of a champion. I’m on PSN misterscruffy. I would greatly appreciate it.
I have 99 of both but because youre asking ON THE WIKI youre not getting them mate.
hey the guy who has 99 of both can I hit you up on discord for some friendly co-op?



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Why would you carry 99 souls of a great champion?
Because he likes to exploit glitches. Duh
How many consumable souls can be picked up per NG+ game and how many souls do you get if you use them all?
Now that is a good question
Well it would take 54,549 great champion souls to make it to 802
Wait no, it's less than that many
Soul of a great champion ×99
Soul of a champion ×99
Venerable old hand ×99
(Large)soul of a crestfallen knight ×99
Soul of an old hand ×99
Soul of crestfallen knight x99
Which all makes 25 million


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Anyone with a lot of soul Items you wanna do some "friendly co-op?" PSN: Tyrantrumgaming Discord: The Trans Angel
Ew, a trans
@ Jun 20 2019 anon:

Ew, a douchebag