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I faked him out at the front door and throw bombs at him as i did it, you need like 60-100 bombs though
Halberd wielded 2-handed and lots of dodging worked for me. The long reach of the halberd gives you a bit more space between you and Havel making dodging easier and you can usually get a quick poke on him and jump back just after he swings. It's a bit tedious and it takes a bit, but as long as you don't get impatient and start being too aggressive it's a pretty safe strategy. I found it easier to fight him in the first open area up the stairs. If he starts overwhelming you, you can run up the stairs and get him to chase you then jump back down to give you a bit of time to reposition.
I went down the tower, saw Havel, expected a nice honorable dude because I only played DS3 and BAM he smacks me out of existance. WTF is he a joke character? Why is he so strong?!
I mean,,, he was a friend of Gwyn's and he like, had his own army and***** so it's kinda expected for him to be that strong? I mean on top of that it's his entire thing to be a *****ing tank, so??
Equip a Target Shield for that little extra window of parry frames and keep baiting his overhead swing, once you get the timing right keep parry/riposting and you'll beat him in no time.