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Idk why people knock this set in general. It's amazing.
I have to check if it works together with "Trinimac's Valor". THAT would be amazing!
i use it as my main healing set together with 4 pieces Julianus and Troll King helm set, I love it! it makes healing so much easier ^^
anyone selling a Legendary ring or neck let me now here
this set is bound 2h after you complete the dungeon, in addition you cannot trae it unless the player you are gonna trade it played with you that dungeon
I see people rhetorically asking in the comments, "I dunno why people hate this set, it's awesome" — I'll tell you why. The set bonus wording is a bit weird because it only procs on a single ally instead of each ally that could potentially be crit healed. This means that in big groups, whether AvA raids or trails, it's almost 100% useless unfortunately. Even in smaller scale groups, like dungeons or battlegrounds, the single shield given out by it is simply not as impactful as other light armor set bonuses out there.
This comment saved me a lot of time and heartbreak, thank you.
Ty this was the info I needed
it's good for soloing, but there's better set combinations out there. It procs for my on my puncturing sweeps.
The Stonethorn PST patchnotes seems to imply this set is becoming a Multi-Target Damage Shield effect, at the cost of half its Shield's value. Can anyone get any confirmation on this?

Quote: "The cooldown is now per target, rather than overall."
Yeah the cooldown will be per target after the patch so its finally useful for something other than solo/
Can critical heal be triggered on full health allies?
According to the set description, "This effect can occur once every 6 seconds per target.", the cool-down is now per target so it might be useful but not so much if i can't provide a damage shield to allies who have full health.
I'm trying to figure out if it procs on targets with full health. I cannot find a definitive answer anywhere. When I check the encounter logs, it shows that Combat Physician is often the top or near the top of my healing abilities. Damage absorbed by damage shield count as healing in the stats. My feeling is that Combat Physician would not have such high stats unless it procs on targets at full health. I cannot tell for sure as I cannot see any indication who has this damage shield and who doesn't. It needs some better animation like the new frost staff with wall of elements.