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Having done a bit of messing about with Mugenmonkey, a bit of info on infusions, as of the last time Mugenmonkey was updated...

With 15 Str/10 Dex/40 Int/40 Fth, AR (one-handed) for some infusions are as follows:

Crystal - 458
Simple - 411
Lightning - 476
Blessed - 304
Chaos/Dark - 478

Oddly, even with a Pyro build, Lightning almost outperforms Chaos and Dark.

With 15 Str/10 Dex/60 Int/10 Faith,

Crystal - 473
Simple - 425

Meanwhile, with 15 Str/10 Dex/10 Int/60 Fth,

Lightning - 491
Blessed - 320

Mind, both 60/10 and 10/60 free up 10 more levels that can be spent elsewhere.

The long and short of these findings is that the Morningstar has oddly above-average compatibility with the Lightning infusion, and even poorer compatibility with the Blessed infusion than most weapons, from what I can tell. It's not split damage, at least...



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Some more infusions (1 handed):

40 Str/15 Dex/30 Lck

Hollow - 371

60 Str/10 Dex (Receives no Dexterity scaling)

Heavy - 440

15 Str/60 Dex

Sharp - 419

40 Str/35 Dex

Refined - 416

Of the bunch, Strength seems the most efficient per level pumped into it, receiving the highest AR with the lowest expenditure of levels (though this doesn't take into account how much potential Hollow might have for bleed.)

To summarize all of this:

Heavy, Hollow, and Lightning infusions are probably the best on this thing.
Can't you buff blessed weapons with lightning blade? or would that not be worth it?
Just smashed Patch's face with it after he locked the door on me in firelink shrine.
good job
Fet gucked.
Why?...Are you a cleric or something?
Infuse this with dark and it’s a good weapon for dealing with the Dancer.
is the 62 poison and 65 bleed real? because normal weapons get a 35 in poison.
The bleed tab has the right info (39 at +10), the main page has a typo. Somehow.
Does it do piercing or blunt damage, I was wondering if I could combine it with Leo ring?
It does strike damage. For every weapon there’s a table at the top of the page. Look above the blue square in the lower right to find damage type.
this weapon, kirk set, lorians crown and you become the king of thorns
This mace gives A Scaling in Dex with Sharp infusion. Weird.