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it burrows its head into the ground and makes a biting like motion sometimes. And also sweeps its blade in a diagonal curve, never seen anyone hit by those two though, but can anyone tell me what the part when it plunges its head below the clouds does?
From what I can tell it then comes from below to bite you but I've never stayed still long enough for it to ever hit if that's what it is
the white dragon of the tree are sick/old or dying while the black ones are healthy... The divine dragon is white as well, its missing an arm, and its chest seems partially split open... so is the divine dragon sick and dying when you fight it???
Probably why he's so easy. That fight reminded me of Yhorm the Giant, and not in a good way.
Vaati has suggested that the gash is from when kuro cut himself and the missing arm is when sekiro lost his.
About Vaati theory… So the dragon is not "real" and belongs to a special realm, linked to Sekiro and Kuro spirits?
The old tree men aren't even called dragons in the Japanese version of the text. Very strange localization decision.
Interesting fact . The dragon has its right eye closed and a scar under the lower eyelid. The hero takes tears damaging the gland of his left eye. So someone was already collecting tears from his right eye.
I took the time to look his right eye… I can't see a scar on his eyelid...
That was Tomoe's work. She attempted immortal severance for Lord Takeru, but failed because she didn't have the Mortal Blade to kill herself, thereby continuing to shackle Takeru to the Dragon's Blood.
Is the dragon required?
Only if you betray Kuro and side with Owl
Only if you betray Owl and protect Kuro. That is the only way to reach the Fountainhead Palace.
it has more attacks than this, a bite attack and a sword slam if you get too close
Interesting tidbit about the fight not actually mentioned in the page; when the divine dragon howls and summons wind to blow you away, it actually pushes you back in the direction Sekiro is facing. So you can look away from him to negate the push back and easy headway to the lightning.
The most beautiful boss fight I've ever seen. I didn't feel as if I was actually fighting it, it felt as if I was earning it's approval to take its tears. I didn't see it as an enemy, I saw it as a powerful and graceful creature that is beyond my understanding. A truly divine experience.
Damn… I died for the first time against him in NG+6! He surprised me with a random Lightning on the ground, and then I lost a second time, I was in the air to reverse the Lightning, but at the same moment I got touched by his Wind, so I wasn't able to reverse the attack… Shame on me, I was too confident ^^