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Wipe the floor w8th people with this thing. Best rag a *****er can have. 10 /10 would lightning steak again..
Lightning "steak"
Saint's Talisman is better then the Canvas Talisman imo because it gets an S scaling in faith compared to the Canvas Talisman's A scaling in faith, 242 spell buff compared to the Canvas Talisman's 220 spell buff (keep in mind both are at +10), and fashion souls.
apparently this one has more "poise" during it's weapon art which is why some people opt for it, but if you're just using a spell buff then yeah saints is better with high faith
Yeah Saints has a better spell buff but it's skill gives almost no poise. And if you're just using it for the spell buff the yorshka chime is a better choice anyway.


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Canvas Talisman is used because most Faith builds are Strength hybrids and this gives better poise with its WA than Saint's making it a superior melee option. Pure Faith should NEVER use any of the Talisman because they are all outclassed by Yorshka's.
i have a faith/dex build and i still use canvas for the high poise, it allows me to trade hits super easily, as i still have generous amounts of health, stamina and focus points
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Dude. The S versus A scaling argument makes no sense because that is in regards to its physical damage if you take a melee swing with it.


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the S scaling also applies to the spellbuff, they just don't show it on screen.
This talisman is better, like said in the article, between 38 and 41 faith. WA has more poise than any other talisman and yes, you should be using this even on a faith only build. Most offensive miracles like any spear, lightning stake and lightning storm are close range or deal more damage at close range (sunlight spear is a nuke), so the poise is your best friend and you can trade with any ultras, you'll come on top most of the time. If you do not care for a weapon in your right hand just carry a yorshkas chime for the ranged lightning arrows or spears, the extra damage from the chime is noticeable and ar 60 faith you can kill most duel opponents with lightning arrow with yorshka's chime and either of the hard hitting close ranged miracles (given that you hit them all). Lightning arrow is your best friend and you never have to fire it. Just use it to keep pressure or keep it on hold until they reach you, then shoot if you can hit them or more safely just roll away without firing the arrow and follow the roll with a poise cast lightning storm or something like that. Faith builds are awsome and versatile, you have poise, unlike any other school of magic. Miracles are the ultras of magic
"Has the highest spellbuff when Faith is between 38 and 41, making it good for softcap builds."
*looks at Rose of Ariandel*
It probably means of the talismans, specifically. They are the most convenient to use mid fight because they provide poise.
Such power and wisdom he who may be able to cast such miracles of the gods!
so it's legit for a sorcerer to cast his sh*t nonstop but it's totaly bm when a cleric unpacks his healing spells? What do you think fth is for? Do you even Dark Souls?
In what way is it different from you spamming R1 whilst in hyper armor ? I have to invest stamina+mana on every spell I cast . Do you know how **** annoying it is, when you're constantly interrupted by a simple dagger swing.


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There's nothing wrong with it in the slightest. That's what Miracles are there for: primarily buffs and healing, with a few offensive spells thrown in. Popping off a heal takes a long time and is quite easily punished. Quite frankly, if your opponent isn't applying enough pressure to the point that you can actually get a heal off, you deserve that heal, and they're trash.
Like said in a previous comment: if you let someone use a healing spell in pvp without punish you just suck. Cripplijg a huge part of faith builds with rubbish morals is dumb and weakens the game. It doesn't compare to estus. I understand why estus is seen as dishonorable, it is quick and doesn't consume fp and everyone has them regardless of build. Healing miracles however are slow to cast, cost fp and need atunement and faith investment. I don't believe it is viable in duels at all. If you genuinely feel like someone is trash because they won against you because of heals and not just judging while under the eye of the community just to keep going on the sheep train to nowhere, then you just need to get better at the game.
Amazing Talisman just like the wiki describes especially in PVP the HA is amazing with 60 faith and lightening storm it can cause between 700-800 dmg ind and I am at level 180 so the opponent is between Sl162 and SL198