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After beating him with Sirris, I was down where he spawns behind the Church of Yorksha with a sunbro I had summoned and he didn't spawn. Later, I came back alone and he did spawn. Does he not invade if you have a friendly summon with you?
No i fought him numerous times in coop. You just need to reload the zone after defeating him with Sirris, I guess.
Something that always gets me is when you're reading the axe's description and how it's used for killing dragons but then you read "but Creighton used it to slay men."
...and yet pate is nowhere in sight :(
You did me well.
His voice actor really went off on this role, what a champ
I don't know what went wrong but on the bridge I saw no summon sign, I heard you needed to cross the bridge and hit the bonfire and go back out... but still no summon sign. Went back and started looting the area around the bonfire and boom... he comes running down the stairs and owns me. After that I haven't gotten him to spawn again... asshat.
Are you embered?