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pale shade robe + moonlight greatsword = ludwig
Make a new character, locate Yoel. Send him to Firelink, KILL YOEL. Kill Heysel in Crucifixion Woods. Proceed to Farron Keep, kill Londor Pale Shade by basilisks before killing Abyss Watchers. Proceed until you reach Irithyll. Kill Londor Pale Shade again, who invades after the Silver Knight painting room. Go back to Firelink, follow the stench of Yoel's rotted corpse and pick up the Pale Shade Set. Its not that difficult, don't be lazy...this will take about 4 hours if you are only focused on getting this beautiful, frail outfit. Stop asking for handouts and do it yourself.
Some people have a life
Not all of us have the privilege of living in our mom's basement playing games all day long,, bud.
Lol, these guys, if you have the time to play this at all, you have the time to get the set yourself. You don't need to be a basement dweller to not be*****.
Some people are casuals, can't expect too much from them.
maybe don't play dark souls if you have no time for games :)
do it BEFORE u get f***
Not something I'd ever wear in game though I do like collecting everything, maybe ng+ I'll go through all the shenanigans to get it.