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Many deaths later I realized he is in fact manageable. A quick guide for people who have trouble and want to keep their vitality up. Phase 1: Run up close to him and begin to cycle him counter clockwise, if he's not attacking, he won't be able to keep up and you can get hits in one at a time. His vitality will go down quickly this way. No special attacks needed, just stay close and cycle counter clockwise. Defend, dodge and deflect if necessary. When he is below 50%, only deflect and dodge. Play is safe. Phase 2: Use Firecrackers when he runs towards you, then attack, make sure there is enough distance between you two before he starts charging. Dodge and attack during each one of his perilious moves. Cycle him counterclockwise again, stay as close as possible. Phase 3: When you see his indicator stance for lightning attacks (charging his sword), stop moving. Calm down. Wait 1 second, jump while holding deflect, press attack while going down. If you are not into Mikiri counter or risky moves, only deflect his lightnings. Thats all you gotta do. After 5 lightning deflects he's at 0 vitality.