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Anyone else on ps4 trying to farm sunlight medals? If so let me know and we can co-op easy bosses together until we hit 30.
yeah whats your nickname on ps4


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Yeah ii want to know too
The demon of song is vulnerable when his/her face is covered. I use a pyromancy build and killed the demon with flame swathe and poison mist while face was covered.
the dragon rider is Optional
how to access huntman's copse then?
You need to kill him to enter no mans wharf
It is optional cause you can kill the pursuer and last giant to get to the lost bastille
Yes, if you don't want to go through nomans warf
He is optional, but only in the same way that the 19 other early bosses are optional: They can all be skipped if you have gathered enough Souls in that playthrough to open the Shrine of Winter anyway. He is NOT optional if you want to open the Shrine of Winter the normal way, since you need to talk to Licia of Lindeldt to have her use the Rotunda Lockstone (or kill her to use the item yourself), so you can get to Huntsman's Copse, Harvest Valley, Earthen Peak and eventually Iron Keep to kill one of the 4 big bosses required to open the Shrine of Winter. In short: Dragonrider needs to be killed if you want to get to Old Iron King, which needs to die if you want to get through the Shrine of Winter the normal way.
good I'm not the only one who noticed that
For sure?
You need to kill him,so you can talk to Licia,who will lead you to Huntsman's Copse,where you can get acces to Harvest Valley,and then Iron keep,where the Old iron King is.
Just remember the five D's of Dark Souls: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and... Dodge.
I think it goes, Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dab.
I use te 5 D's - R
somehow got me reminded of duck dodgers lol
dip as in leave
You forgot Die!
Did I just see lightning on half the bosses' weaknesses? *wink* *wink* *Hands lightning build*


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YAY!!! I now know the names of the bosses I am going to be fighting later on, thank you whoever made this, this is going to help, but I noticed that people had OP gear when facing the bosses like the annoying "Old Dragonslyer", I beat him without all of that stuff and I was weaker so does that make me a skilled player? - RK14 P.S, I don't have any of the OP gear that is mentioned on here and even if I have it, I can't use it due to my stats being to low.
the're all ng+
Classic casul that ruins his first time experience. Well done!
If Raime does buff immediately if you have velstadts helm (I don’t know myself) if you look up the lore you would know that they both hail from Shulva but since it was destroyed taken over (details are hard) they both went to Vendrick and Drangleic. When Nashandra came, Raime saw his old queen (Elana) and he remembered her dark powers. That’s what he sensed on Nashandra. So because he was against the queen of Vendrick and Drangleic he and velstadt fought. However velstadt won and Raime was exiled. Hence the name of his Greatshield: Rebels greatshield. Raime then went to Brume Tower where he then met Nadalia and he promised to protect her. So the reason he would buff is cause he would remember what velstadt had done and is trying to kill him in retaliation
i never knew that the giant lord was mandatory
You need his key or something
You need the Giant's Kinship to trigger the Nashandra fight at Throne of Want.
You missing out on a few bosses