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I've gotten everything but gauntlets and leggings. Thought the ointment was a joke I had so many until I read what they were.
sorry, just sold my spare gauntlets and leggings :(
How many souls does the pared greatswords ringed knight drop?
Approx 13,000
this guy can go un alive
The one with the Paired Greatswords has killed me more times than any single boss. Not even joking.


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weak to wolfknight swords? Herald Legion Knights and the dragon boss are both weak to wolfknight swords, so I feel like this mob should be too but looking for confirmation. In my experience wolfknight swords ARE more effective.
Wait a minute, why are these guys weak to DARK damage? They live in the Ringed City of the pygmies that claimed the Dark Soul, they're 'early Man' from the time of the Dark Soul and Humanity, and they're even wearing *****ing armor that literally claims it's "forged in the Abyss"...and they're weak to DARK? This would be like if the Silver Knights of Anal Rodeo being weak to Lightning.
The armor has a seal of fire casted by the gods, that may explain why they are weak to dark damage
The only explanation I can think of is that the ring of fire Gwyn branded them with inverted their elemental nature, both for offense and defense.
Or the Nameless King's armor set having its smallest resistance being Lightning... oh.
Their design is kinda gimmicky and Elder Scrolls-esque. Not the provocative style these games usually go for.
Looks like they're about to tell you "I lost (item) in (dungeon). Please go retrieve it for me"
Provocative how? They're knights, the black knights and silver knights also have a pretty generic getup, what were you expecting?
Why are these guys designed to be unfun to fight. Not overly hard fights, not very long either, but they're basically the lothric knights with higher damage. Unimaginative fire type pokemons in the DLC with some of the coolest, most memorable experiences in the series
They're called "ringed" knights because they're married to the hyperpoise that miyazaki took away from us
They can t do anything at all if you punch them to death with the caestus. They ll block some attacks and drop the guard between your combos for some reason