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Killed him with boulder heave. I used the stones to destroy the stone
EZ 7 parry in a row, havel knight destroyed
As a melee I found it best to play it safe, bait him to attack then go in for one hit and roll out. Just watch out for chain attacks.
you found the answer to every single melee fight in the game
So nice he can be flattered
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Does havel exist just to anger people, its like he's immune to the universe itself
Pestilent mist just destroy havel, he is super slow, that makes him a idiot target, just use the spell and run, repeat it 5 times and its done
How dare you cheese this great man?!
While we barely managed to best an ancient wyvern through shenannigans, our boy Havel murdered one by wacking it.
He is surprisingly easy to parry
His tendency to r1 spam certainly makes parrying a good way to handle him until he puts away his shield. And his well telegraphed usage of his running attacks doesn't hurt either.
Quite funny to invade another world, find havel alive, cosplay him and wait by his side for the host.
I do this all the time!
Prepare gor trouble and make it double.


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Why is Havel now at Archdragon Peak? Is this the real Havel we met in Dark Souls? Why isn’t he dead? So many questions!
Because you can’t stop the rock!
havel was a knight under gwyn and had his own army of havel knights, the reason why havel himself was locked up is cuz he tried to ***** with seath cuz he hates magic and dragons
Slumbering dragon ring, about 10 dung pies in the back. Just watch him die.
tfw you kill a strong enemy by throwing***** at it