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Praise the sun but literally
Every time I replay dark souls 2 I pretend this area doesn't exist and happily avoid this shait with passion and love and I encourage you to do the same.
Whoever put this "walkthrough" together clearly hated this area as well because it is absolute trash! Trying to find the locations of items or even what kind of items are in the location is non-existent.
Also, there is no red phantom on the bridge on PS4 SOTFS first playthrough.
Nvm, I'm a dumbass that's blind. Theres literally a map at the top. Hahaha
Only worthwhile thing in this area is the Fashion souls ring. Worth more than everything else you get here combined
The stealth stuff is real, even if they spawn they manily focus the npcs 1st. It helped me win on my 3rd go. Saved me from losing 100k + souls.
Why would you take over 100k souls into this place?!
As annoying as this zone is, I dont think it's as bad as the other DLC areas that are hated. If you play it safe and just go building to building, you wont run into many reindeer, I think the most I had to deal with was 3, maybe 4. The loot is worthless (save for the fashion ring) and the boss is probably the most disappointing steaming pile of garbage ever, but I'd rather deal with this instead of something like Cave of the Dead, Iron Passage, or Iron King Memories, which are short, sure, but you have the whole population of Albania crammed in said small area.
This area is*****, i got ganked by 3 deers at one point, i genuinly hope someone got fired for the***** in this game
**** outskirts