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Does the bleed have any correlation to luck?
Yes bleed has a correlation with luck. The higher the luck, the higher the bleed effectiveness will be.
60 Str/Dex and these hit 560 on the Firekeeper. They are pretty effective against players too.
Firekeeper is not your punchbag.
Stop killing the Firekeeper! >.<
I have been two shotted with these knives, dead! There's no way this should happen...


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If you're playing at lower levels there might of been a chance someone purposely played at low SL with a 20/20 or 30/30 or 40/40 and then used a Kukri it headshotted you then you got jumped, so then he threw another and then this two shotted you.



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added luck scaling information



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Kukri => Cuckri => Cuck, reeeeeeeee!!! Coincidence, I think not.
Sounds like a joke my 12yo brother would make
Well aren't you just hilarious. Go play fortnite or something
Great for Sister Friede when she goes invisible
I don't see any mentions of headshots here. Should it be added, or is it it for another page? also it's super satisfying to see the knife stuck into enemies after hitting them lol
It has Indeed a A scaling in STR, a S scaling in DEX and also a D (almost C) scaling in LUCK.
Of course the luck scaling is for bleeding.
The animation can be mistaken for a bomb, so at long range people might not roll. That's where this shines with the big boy damage