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To cheese the first boss is super easy, use burial blade scythe form and charge attack him behind a pillar, he’ll never touch you and you can deal a decent amount of attack, just remember lure him to the front of the pillar and you get behind of it.
Anyone wana co op for the headles blood letting beast (2nd boss) let me know as i need help cant get past, psn is kurt_ZeUs ...Thx!
Don't lock on. Stay on the out outside front of his left (your right) leg. Don't back up to heal.
Great one coldblood on layer 2 balcony area 2020
The lever on 1st layer can be reached by entering the room with the merciless wathcer and dogs( use blue elixir and blood cocktail to avoid combat) open the door on the left inside the room there's a ghost kill it then climb up and the open door there are 2 rooms here one is empty the other has a sword merciless watcher and the lever. Good luck ;)
2nd layer lever is pretty straightforward: go upstairs, enter the balcony open area, jump down, use the blue elixir and run to the staircase, which use to go up to the middle big platform and has dogs and mobs standing on, there's a room on the left with a mace merciless watcher and a lot of mobs, use another blue elixir if needed and rush in turn the lever then run the hell away from there and use bold hunter mark or die to them if you have little blood echoes.
When you go down the 3rd layer and before you reach the lantern, open the door on the left climb up enter the room climb up the ladder again there will be 2 kin coldblood(12) on the right with a mob in front the door on the left, after that you will enter a balcony open area, run around and eventually you will see a great one coldblood which gives you 40k blood.
3rd layer lever is the easiest if you call for the old hunter: Olek bell is on the left of the room you first enter from the lantern, when you go down there're 2 pickaxe guys one can be visceral, then you will enter the big room kill the scorpion fast don't let the Kirkhammer guy notice you( call Wallar to make it easier if you haven't called Olek, his bell is behind the enemy hunter) then kill him and there will be some more scorpions and 2 flaming greatsword guys ahead, climbing up the ladder run through the bridge (there's a guy here careful not to fall down)and you will enter a room which may seem empty but there're 2 gargoyles here one is kind of in front of you and the other is upstairs with the gun merciless watcher and the lever. If you kill all of the mobs I mention you will net at least 400k blood with no moon runes. Oh and there's a bloodsucker when I go back to the ladder in the first room and I had no idea where did he come from.