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"This explains their special hunting gear, and why they worshipped the sun." THEY WERE SUN BROS THE ENTIRE TIME??????!?!?!?!?!?!
They also drop Sunlight Medals.


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Sun-bros are not the only sun worshippers or use lightning equipment. Lightning is great for slaying dragons, so being in the sunlight covenant is not required.
6 lightning urns can also be found near the Lothric Castle, Dragon Barracks bonfire, in the area where the dragons spew fire.
Is this better than black firebomb?
it has a S scale in faith therefor if your going for a faith build it can be extremely effective
it is. the scaling is different but its still lightning
This is a pretty stupid question. It depends on your build. If your going for a low faith build, these things suck, but if you have good faith, they dont
I havent thrown one yet but they must be strong as hell, they cant be grinded anywhere
The shrine maiden sells an unlimited amount of them after handing her in certain ashes. Which ashes to be exact I do not know.
Greirat and the the handmaiden sell them
I have seen numerous people use these in the Pontiff PvP arena as though they could be bought in unlimited amounts, but as far as I know, Greirat never has these available in unlimited amounts... Anyone know?
his first trip pillaging unlocks lightning urns
It only unlocks 6 available Urns, is there no way to buy these in infinite amount from anywhere? Maybe in the DLC...
They are likely having someone run them through to Lothric without leveling up. Then they go back to the Pontiff's area and have unlimited access to lightning urns
The shrine handmaiden will sell an unlimited stock after you get greirat's ashes from his third run.
When you give greirats Ashes to the handmaiden, she sells infinite
The shrine maiden can sell an unlimited stock lightning urns after obtaining Greirat's ashes from Lothric's castle.
nope she doesn't dont tell ***** you fcking *****-talker
I can confirm she sells unlimited lightning urns after returning greirats ashes from lothric castle. Tested on NG+, returned the loretta bone to greirat earlier if that makes a difference.
It should be noted that Greirat only sells 6, and the Handmaid sells unlimited after giving her his ashes after his Lothric Castle pillage.
Sadly true bro, i just noticed after getting he's ashes :/



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Thanks. I figured I'd let him live after Lothric castle and regret it since I didn't plan to enter NG+ with this character. But, it is looking as though that is route I'll be taking. Let him die in Lothric and take his ashes, I see no reason not to do so.
I have a low level build without much str/dex investment. Would these be better damage than black firebombs?

Yes, since the scaling is S instead of A-C and you also have more put stats for that S scaling, it should do alot more damage.
and even if it doesnt deal much more damage. you will have twice the amount of bombs
Stick to the firebombs. Lot easier to farm, cheaper, more expendable and better with physical stats scaling. These things usefulness with little faith fizzles out by road of sacrifice
Geriat has a story line and depending on when you obtain his ashes wI'll determine how many lightning urn you can purchase from giving his ashes to the hand maiden. You have to complete his story line to get infinite lightning urn buying capabilities. If you don't you can only buy 6.
-Shawn B Thompson
I killed him immediately and gave the ashes. And that resulted in 0 lightning available lightning urns.
For the urns to be sold, you can only give the maid the ADVANCED version of the ashes, which you get after he dies in lothric castle