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Think I missed something. .. is there a point to boosting this to Enchanted +5? The stats say it gives a S boost to INT, but the sword doesn't use INT, so why bother? *confused*
Enchanted and Magic upgrade paths both give INT scaling for the weapon. This means that as your INT increases the weapon will do more damage. This weapon in particular goes to an S scaling which means a high INT character would get a lot of damage out of it with that upgrade.
The intelligence scaling comes when you ascend on the magic path. The weapon doesn't gain the S scaling for intelligence until it is Enchanted +5, though, so you'll only have A scaling until you max it out with a blue slab
I see you lack of intelligence to understand the sentence xd
the bit that mentions this being a weaker falchion is just flat out false. in no scenario does this weapon do less damage than the falchion. on a pure dex build or even quality build this weapon will out damage any other curved sword in the game in terms of non-split AR at 40 dex
The weapon is ruined, and I don't know how to fix it
This, or an Uchigatana?
I think this weapon might have the highest DPS in the game.