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Can also be bought by Emil near the Resistance.
Might only work once you're on route C btw. I've only caught him once outside the camp, but he sold me the two fist weaps and dress module when i wanted mem alloy on route B.
Where do i get these*****ty things? I dont think the medium bipeds drop them.and emils a c***
In the chest in chamber below Masume. https://youtu.be/Pne23DX2ccg
On Route C u can get them easy if u go to Forest Castle Front and kill the 2 goliaths at the entrance.
Also in Emil's Secret cave (the one deep underground via the exploded city ruins) Inside the chest behind the enhanced quadrapeds in the cave
Route B, got 2 in the chest on top of the concrete pillar below the city ruins tower (fly down from top).
drop at desert housing core endless spawn player level 35
nice they made these pretty much impossible to get but you need to for every item as of 2/18 the Goliath in the forest castle front drop 1 ever like 40 spawns and good luck getting emil to get close to the camp its the last
If you're farming Study Sockets as well, the Multi-leg Medium Models in the Abandoned Factory also serve as another Memory Alloy drop alternative