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Maybe Isshin should’ve let him fall to Shura, would probably be easier
This is one of those fights where "it's not that it's hard, it's just badly designed."
It is easy once you recognize the pattern so it IS designed well, even more, it's the classic dark souls formula most ppl love.


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No, just a very frustrating fight that tosses most of the game's mechanics out the window up to that point, relies on a misable gimmick to compensate and forces rote memorization through trial and error death after death. Oh wait, that's badly designed...
Actually you probably dont "understand" this boss. Genichiro? Perfect example for a posture fight, you need to be in close contact and deflect his hits to deplete his posture bar. Demon of hatred? COMPLETELY the reverse case. Way more easy to fight at mid-long range, waiting to counter him and deplete his HP not his posture (he is resistant on that). At mid-long range, he wont get you with his firewall. At mid-long range, you can easily use the grappin on him, as intended. He displays several moves with this Opportunity notably after 2nd phase. At mid-long range you can easily dodge his Deadly charge (very difficult to react in close contact) and his meteor fire balls. At mid-long range, he will often start a 3-move combos with his firearm, with a slow recovery, letting you the time to hit him 6 times consecutively! Im used to play distant in RPGs and notably in Dark Souls as a mage. For me, the Nameless king in Drak SOuls 3 was easy to fight and the same goes with the demon of hatred because I figured it was distant bosses, while players who are naturally more prone to close fight seem to struggle against these bosses. This boss is so well-designed.
It has a lot of broken hitboxes is my main issue, especially the headbutt.
im having a really hard time reading his moves
Hardest boss in the game for me, even harder than the final boss.
Same. Isshin was rated as the hardest on youtube, his 2nd and 3rd phases are cancer, but he was nowhere near as hard as this monstrosity.
Lol I first tried this guy( to be fair I looked up a guide for his moveset before) and had all beads and memories, but besides that isshin slapped my *** 6hours straight


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Biggest recommendation for this; he has 3 phases. Once you've thrown your corpse at phase 1 enough times, phase 2 2 is almost identical. Get used to them, work out how to get through them with as little damage taken as possible, then when he gets to phase 3 eat the Ako sugar (to save emblems) pack on Divine Confetti, and Ministry Dousing Powder if you're feeling nervous, then use all 3 stun charges of Malcontent. With some luck, the first two will lead to a stagger as well, but the third is an incredibly short stun. This let me deal about 90% of his health on the last bar without him getting any attacks off between.
embarassingly bad
you are embarrassingly bad
Anyone know how to revert to a previous save?? My demon just lobbed himself off the cliff near the idol?? Has this happened to anyone else? Don't get me wrong, it was hysterical but I want my boss fight
If you uploaded it surely. Btw that is a tactic for speedrunners, same goes for gyoubou. If u are on top of the building where the idol is all the way on the right edge facing the cliff he comes charging at you, falling to his demise. Might be triggered if ure standing in a similar spot below I guess
Did anyone notice that the Demon of Hatred looks a lot like a half decomposed/firey orangutan? Like in his fury, his wrath caused him to take the shape of his spirit animal or something? Totally a reference to Sekijo, the One Armed Orangutan
If you either followed the lore in-game. or even better read what is above this comments thread, you'd know that it isn't a reference to Sekijo. The Sculptors nickname was Orangutan because of the place he trained with his partner, and because of the traits he picked up on in the Valley, thats what he was closer to in the end.
You clearly didn't understand the OP comment. So...are you trying to say the Demon that looks like an orangutan with one physical arm and one arm made of fire isn't Sekijo (which means one armed orangutan)? Or that the Sculptor that was called Orangutan when he was young and Sekijo is someone else? Cause it's like you're arguing the same point as me.
OP you had it sort of right. It wasn't really his spirit animal but more like his actual spiritual form. The Sculptor=Orangutan=Sekijo=Demon of Hatred Sekijo= Seki (abbreviation of Sekiwan meaning one-armed); Jo (abbreviation of Shoujou meaning Orangutan) Sculptor Lore from Fextralife: The Sculptor is referred to as "Sekijo," by Hanbei The Undying—a name that was likely given to him in much the same way Isshin of Ashina gave Sekiro his name. The Sculptor is also known as Orangutan (猩々, Shoujou), just as Sekiro is known as Wolf (狼, Ookami); Isshin gives Sekiro his name by condensing One-armed Wolf (隻腕の狼, Sekiwan no Ookami) into Sekiro (隻狼, Sekirou), while Hanbei does the same for the Sculptor, who is also one-armed, by condensing One-armed Orangutan (隻腕の猩々, Sekiwan no Shoujou) into Sekijo (隻猩, Sekijou)
I find every time Fromsoft makes these large, beast like bosses, they universally suck. Constantly broken hitboxes.
Also, the whistle only works about half the time.
i would say that this one is the best one yet!
With the unavoidable ranged attacks and erratic movement, 90% of this boss is RNG.