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Just took the one close to aeramas Manor out at level 15...on death march difficulty, very pleased with myself
I got *****ed by the level 99.
Honestly that's a big oof
i found one of these creatures in a forest north west of the lakeside hut near kaer morhen
and i killed one in the ancient forest in mhw with a pukei pukei
i killed a level 20 one at kaer morhen in the forest, northwest of the lakeside hut
There was one of these **** next to croockback bog
Poisoned blades:)
Someone need to add trivia, There are event regarding Monster Hunter World X The Witcher 3 related to this beast.
I was chillin n then came across one with level "??" and I'm level 5 so I burnt off like I gotta google wuts up first. so he never touched me but was like turing into a tree trying to ruin me. Glad I ran now that I googled it! No level ?? until at least lvl 15 for me. First time playing, started on death march!