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Who gives a*****. Just kill it.
Paolumu and Legiana not bird wyverns makes no sense
Paolumu is more of a fluffy bat than a bird. But I agree on Legiana.
They are flying wyverns because they fight mostly from the air? How does that not make sense
Paolomu is a mamal and Legiana a reptile. In the game they are flying wyverns, but even in real life they wouldn't be birds.
To everyone who is confused about why Pukei-Pukei is a bird wyvern: Usually the build of a monster determines what it is. That is why the Diabolos is a flying Wyvern: He shares anatomic similarities to Rathalos, Legiana and the rest. Pukei-Pukei falls under a different category tho: it is an early game monster. All early game monsters that were winged (usually Yian Kut-Ku or Gypceros in previous games) are also bird wyverns. Also all Raptor-Like Monsters and monsters Related to other bird Wyverns (Yian Garuga) fall under the Bird Wyvern category.
anything with feathers is a birb
I just killed a Bazelgeuse to realize it's not a bird.
I don't get why Paolumu isn't a bird wyvern even though it shares a skeleton with pukei-pukei
Pukei Pukei looks more like a flying wyvern anyway.
pukei has bird-like pecking attacks paolumu doesnt
Did Iceborne really add 0 Bird Wyverns? Really thought Yian Garuga would be one.
Yian Garuga is one. It may use a flying wyvern skeleton, but it's still classified as a bird like the Pukeis.