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Best Bloodborne Waifu
I noticed he has some sort of design on his belly when using the monocular.
Too pure for our sinful lives.
So, I killed Adella for reasons. When I walked over to the Chapel Dweller, he was cowering, arms raised and face turned away! I quickly reloaded back into the area and he was back to normal. I felt so bad.
while i was leaning over to text my buddy about how sweet they were when they asked to be friends, i accidentally clipped them with my sword!!! i'm so lucky they didn't die, but scaring them like that made me so sad... :(((
Oedon grants a woman wig a child on the blood moon. Adella, if in the ward, becomes pregnant. The Chapel dweller, in the ward, drops Formless Oedon. WAIT A SEC.
*with a child
Arianna becomes pregnant, but this is an interesting point. What is the Dweller's connection to Oedon is there is any?
i killed him by accident is there can you still bring people to oedon chapel
Yes but you're a monster.
My pepe hard
i abandoned my play through cause i killed this poor son of a gun.