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Login reward during Grand Appreciation Fest - Just started on PC. Also reward from doing events during the fest - whether or not they must be Master Rank, I don't know.
According to the login notice for the event, they're from the login reward, an extra reward from helping out lower ranks, and from doing master rank event quests.
Thank you!
The only useful information in here is in the comment section. Jesus.
For the Gratitude Ticket bounties, they are normally Master Rank activities. Appreciation Ticket bounties are Low/High Rank activities. Try to utilize SOS [Searching for or Sending] for the Master Rank bounties.
Main use for this is crafting the astral set (which is then used to farm VIP Gratitude Tickets). You can also craft the Sky Blue Silverwisp pendant for 3 Gratitude Tickets. Extras can be used for Guild Alchemy at the Elder Melder to make Silver Melding Tickets (each Gratitude Ticket is worth 10 melding points, and 100 points are needed). These are the only uses I've found so far.
Almost forgot --also used for Star and Space Sets for your Palico.