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Gwynevere reminds me of my girlfriend ... She’s an illusion
Amazing chest ahead!


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Hope it's not a mimic
Imminent rear...
*MASSIVE SPOILERS* even if you read the above stuff If you kill Gwyndolin BEFORE Gwynevere , then Anor Londo does NOT go dark, and makes no sense. This leaves a Massive plot-hole in that if it is an illusion then it should all go dark for killing the Illusion Caster. Even If the spell can last forever Without the caster, this would also mean that there is an even More Massive plot hole in that if All you had to do was kill this Illusion, when almost Every undead is hollow, mentally unstable, or othewise, then it makes No Sense Whatsoever that even 1 arrow from 1 bow could "kill" her! It is total Nonsense. Killing Gwyndolin makes 100% sense for the illusion to fade, and even If Gwynevere was a creature of some sort, it would Reveal the truth; But No. Killing the Caster, Gwyndolin, creates this nonsense state that you have to break a 1 hp illusion in a world full of Psychos. Complete Idiocy. Plus, Any idiot could just test what happens, meaning all the Idiots playing this game learned the Truth, thus Awarding idiocy, while the sensible people like Me and other smarter players that don't go around doing Stupid things, will Never learn the truth. Punish morality, another slap in the face.
Well it's the opposite of what you said, killing Gwynevere makes you commit a SIN plus everyone will be able to invade you there if you haven't killed the boss yet, reading some descriptions makes you understand that Gwynevere left Anor Londo so a clever player will understand that there's something wrong with it, people that don't hit her are awarded by the fact that the firekeeper will not be hostile and you will have an amazing view (Gwynevere) and an amazing bonfire... It doesn't reward you for discovering it...
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That's where you are gravely mistaken.
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the cutscene for anor londo turning dark only appears when you enter the princess chamber while gwynevere is dead. if you shoot her with a bow from right at the bonfire nothing happens, even though you see her dying
after killing Gwynewere and having dark Anor Londo, you can backtrack from Duke's Archieves to Anor Londo and the sun has returned and it is not dark anymore