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Lame, no Kirin beta layer armor. I just want my 4 set outfit back is all man.
How do you get the Kulve Taroth layered armor? I’m not seeing it at all in my layered armor options. (The actual armor, not the set that you get for beating him originally)
Complete the quest We Run This Town Unlocked after completing all optional quests
How to unlock damascus layered set? What materials needed?
You need to finish iceborn story first for unlocking layered armor
not true, i havnt bought the iceborn story and am at 23 hr. i have just unlocked my first layered armor set
It's true for the HR layerd armor, you need guiding lands which is DLC
I want the layered armor for banbaro beta.... The headset for the female one is very nice.
Where my Wyverian Ears at?
right here in my hand
Can you get elder Dragon layered armor on pc?
No, but it will come in a future title update.
Yes you can.
is kulve taroth layered armor in the pc version of the game? or is it coming sometime soon with another update?
Coming sometime soon, it just got put on console so it may be a while