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The faith requirements are wrong, i just joined at 16 faith
Because you had 2+ boss assists at that point
i just put in my 20th medal, still no covenant level increase, still level 0
\[-|-]/ P R A I S E T H E S U N
Update: im now at 30 medals turned in, still literally nothing
If you leave you the covenant at any time for any reason your progress is reset and you have to start over from the last rank gained
Well that’s stupid.
Just got into the covenant XD PRAISE THE SUN \[-|-]/ | | ] [
For ranking, please keep the medals in the inventory until you have enough to rank, and deliver them all at the same time. For example, rank 1 requires 10. Collect 10 before praying at the sunlight altar. It will reset the delivered medals counter if you leave the covenant, which you most certainly will at some point during the game.
\[T]/ Praise the sun
The interaction window isn’t popping up!!! I’m playing dsr and all I want to do is praise the sun \[T]/
u must do the thing first