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It seems like combat art damage is not so straightforward. At Attack Power 6 the terror throwing mobs in Mibu village dies from one simple attack, but they do not die from the first hit of the Whirlwind slash...
combat arts will have a different base damage value per swing than regular attacks. 2 hits from some combat art will not do the same damage as 2 regular hits.
Does increasing attack power do more damage? If I do more damage does it do more damage to enemies?
Q1: Did you read the article? Q2: Do you even English bro
NO!!! DON'T EVER INCREASE YOUR ATTACK POWER! FromSoftware is trolling us. With increasing attack power, you increase the enemies' attack power and decrease your attack power. Please finish the game without ever increasing your attack power!!!
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"If I do more damage does it do more damage to enemies?" Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...............
Hahaha i love how 10 people fell for this obvious joke..
Jokes are funny though, this was just dumb.
there is a bug , when you get 99 AP, damage become zero(like 0 AP, only base damage), but at 97 AP damage is very high!
Does not happen on PS4. I modded a save file with Save Wizard to AP 99 and the damage was ridiculously high
yes I realized that but can you change?
Pretty sure that +37.5% damage to all targets is wrong and that's just the bonus against apparitions. The damage increase against normal enemies is supposedly +25%, with a few undead/monster outliers being +31%.
Just did the math and if at AP1 you do 80 vitality damage, then at 14 you do 856, at 27 it's 2328, at 51 it's 5967 and at 99 you do 8747. So at AP99 you'd be almost 110 times as strong as you were in the beginning of the game. Yeah, that should make a difference.
You're terrible at math.
Please show me how you calculated those insane numbers, I'm curious lmao
Jesus Christ, that's so incredibly wrong, how are you even getting those numbers? At 14 attack power you'll do 340 damage. At 27 it's 433. At 51 it's 540. At 99 (max) it's 578.
Like, I'm actually going to add the damage numbers at those specific breakpoints to the article itself, just so someone doesn't actually take this idiot's """math""" seriously.
Attack Power cannot be raised beyond 87 without cheats, just confirmed it on ng+7
Replying to my own post here, i made various tests and it seems the cap really is 99, but my savefile is glitched somehow, can't icnrease beyond 87 with memories or skill points (i have way more than 5 skill points). I was able to get to 99 on different saves using only memories and also by using memories and skill points, altho CE was used for this cuz i aint got infinite time.
It is possible to reach 99 Attack Power entering at NG+7. If one does beat all the bosses and do the Purification/Dragon's Homecoming Ending 7 times, then 91 memories are collected and the remaining can be farmed. I did this and farmed for skill points during my grind. so I obtained 89 memories and 9 from farming since I ended up doing the Immortal Severance twice, one of them is my first playthrough. I finally beat Sword Saint Isshin and Demon of Hatred in NG+7. Even with 99 Attack Power, I do peanut damage against Isshin and Demon of Hatred, which may have to do with both of those guys having a lot of Vitality. It took me 10 min. to defeat Isshin and 15 min. to beat Demon of Hatred.
They should raise the 52-99 bracket to just a solid 1 imo.
I don't know about your math ability, but according to your data, vitality damage at 27 attack power is 444, at 51 is 500 and at 99 is 538.
According to my math both of you are partially correct and incorrect. The damage at 27 AP cannot be 433. We have only even numbers, how can the result be 433? I calculated 444. The other numbers are correct according to my math. You probably got the 500 at 51 AP, because you calculated 440 + 14*4 instead of 440 + 24*4
27 should've been 443, that was a typo. Thanks for pointing that out. From 15 AP onwards the increases are ROUGH amounts (I'll add that to the article), which is why that one is an odd number.
578 attack power is roughly 7 times your beginning attack power and the difficulty rise up to 7 times in NG+ From software employees are bunch of cheeky bastards.
He means vitality damage. You start with 80 vit dmg at 1 attack power, and end up with 578 at 99 attack power. 578/80=7,225.
Quick question. Do the enemies' vitality and posture increase the more your attack power does?
Yes so leveling in this game has pointless
No, their vitality and posture only increase with each new ng+....not when you level up.
They did on my first playthrough , my attack power was 3 and i had upgraded the shuriken to gouging top and when i hold the trigger it would kill the monkey's in 1 shot , then killed genichiro my AP was at 4 and now its taken 2 to kill em
Are you sure that was the same monkey? From the same zone? Did you maintain R2 (in this case there are 3 hits and so maybe one missed)? It's not like FromSoftware to make that mechanic by tje way. It would have no sense to level up your attack power. And this is generally a bad mechanic that I kind of understand in "immersive" RPGs like the Elder's scrolls games, but still bad (I stopped playing Oblivion because was just a specialized alchemist/magician with no weapon skill at all for role play, and I couldn't progress in the game anymore because enemies scale stupidly with my level…). You can choose this enemy scaling in Witcher 3 and that was very badly done (impossible to kill dogs/wolves from the beginning at a certain point while solo creatures or boss were easy). Here, in a help panel after losing too much against a boss, devs EXPLICITLY explain that you chould train if you struggle… I did that in my first playthrough because I was stuck against Genichiro I think. Now Im in NG+4 with more than 50 attack power… Feels too easy. So thats why I start a new save with the aim to stay at 14 attack power till NG+7. I will compare and I can predict it would be more difficult and long to kill enemies than at 50 attack power.
Plus after Genichiro, the day/night cycle progress. So enemies change maybe.