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The armor for nimelle makes u look like a splatoon character
anyone else wanna point out, this is a water dragon yet its weak to fire...
yeah im wondering that to although she does get dehydrated
The weakness system in MH is something else than the one from Pokémon. It does make sense though, since fire or heat vaporizes water
Possibly the easiest Elder Dragon, but a fun fight :)
No not a fun fight. effing boring, 0 deaths, rarity 11 weapon, constant damage and timed out in 50 min solo. the devs sure ruined this game wit hp bloat.
You timed out? You should be able to down her within 30 minutes at that story point. As a bow and swax user I fought her several times, so I think there is a problem with your damage. Anyway, marvelous monster, great fight and great gear.
True. It's possibly my favourite Elder dragon fight up to this point. Not as difficult as the others but it's a cool and unique design and it makes you pay attention to the puddles and where the lightning will go. Otherwise you will get punished hard when you find yourself stunned with waterblight at 1/4 hp.
50 min lmaooo PC noob
Not sure why this has all these downvotes, comparably to other elders in iceborne now with new moves and buffs to their general abilities (im looking at you kushala, and you should feel bad), namielle feels like a diablos. After one or two fights she becomes extremely predictable, moves slowly, only really has one or two high damage moves, and generally doesnt have any of the quirkcs of other elders that make them hard to kill, IE wind coating, miasma, constant fire ticks, exploding ice, etc. As elders go I really would say shes probably the easiest so far
Nami also doesnt have massive hitboxes on parts of its body that dont even move when attacking like every other elder as well, so clawing constantly is actually viable and makes things like dual blades feel absolutely amazing in the fight.
WAIT A SEC- IT DOESN'T HAVE A GREATSWORD?!?!? Darnit, I use the greatsword...
had over 800 defense and still carted within first 20 secs of fight
elemental up is the way to go. I didn't realize my armor was -13. Once i ate for elemental up I was fine. Even with 820 Defense.
why does the armor for the male blademaster look like a cross between Reaper (ow) and a squid kid?
Guess a Reaper-Main and a Splatoon-Player had intercourse.
I wish I could find your tempered version in the Lands... I'll give you a cookie if you SHOW YOUR FACE IN THE LANDS!!!!
she gets very wet when i come close


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this guy is an inkling. Her armor looks like inkling, she*****s weird liquid around her, we get *****ed if we are in that liquid, she can also swim in that liquid like a slug