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in my opinion the Drake Greatsheild is a better alternative to havels Greatsheild because of the amount of strength needed to wield havels and they have about the same resistances other than a savier lack of stabilaty
Stability makes our breaks a shied...100 percent resistance in every category means nothing if you can only block one shot before your stamina bar is gone
The damage on this shield is dumb totally catches people ofguard doing that much damage with usually a stagger on the hit almost no one bothers to block it
have just started a char that is supposed to have absurd armor and HP but im not there yet. playing with friends i use the old WoW tanking tactic of tanking (red eye ring and great shield). I dont yet have enough carry capacity to have a weapon aswell but i notices this shield does absurd damage. upgraded its crazy strong. jumping attack is super quick and reaches far which is a lot better than the slow sweep you other wise get. Im surprised by how many animations it has as well and you never run out of stamina. Its so good its absurd. youll have to gill the giants in the gutter to get it tho.