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I can only get the spell regen to work in human form
I have no idea why people would give this a thumb down. Sometimes game bugged out and refuses to give you spell when you're hollowed, sometimes it doesn't.
not sure about the problems, it works when hollow, it works in a menu, and it restores 20%/+1 depending on which one is bigger, Really love it in pve for my faith character
It also continues to work beyond New game cycles no matter when or how it was obtained.
This is probably the single most useful item for a no bonfire run. Second playthrough of course. Equip repair and a healing spell or two and you're set with a melee build. Do the same and equip whatever spells you want as a caster. The replenish very quickly if you have a decent amount of them. There's no need for sitting at a bonfire to repair, refill healing, or refill casts. It is so much easier.
I also love the variety it opens up. With my caster I'd always have to stock up on the basic spells so I had enough casts to get through the area. Now I can have more fun with the bigger stuff and just try out random situational spells without having to worry about running out as much. It's a lot more interesting when I can use a variety of spells. It also makes pyromancy more viable considering its low amount of casts normally. It takes away from the way I had to ration before and think about when to use what, but it's refreshing to be able to use whatever and have fun with it.
Sadly, it's a very end game item, and starting a new play through resets the enchantment on it, So it's only usable in the end game. There's no way to use it from the beginning, so it can't be used for something like that.
The spell regen capabilities of the crown continue to work beyond New game plus cycles. The only part that does not carry over is Vendrick's Blessing which prevents hollowing/curse build-up. The spell regen is still usable in the next cycle.
This is worth mentioning that 20% (rounded up) is replenished for each spell scroll of the same type and not for the total casts. For example, if you equip 5 spells with a single cast per spell, in two minutes the crow n will replenish from 0 to 5, and not from 0 to 1.
op. Get 2 great heals and you practically have infinite healing. Not to mention that Repair is also really good with this.
If you wore this crown for NG+, would you be able to play a pure caster on a run where you didn't ever rest at bonfires to get the ring that makes your weapon invisible?
Confirmed: I did just that less than a month ago. 3 great lightning spear, 1 sunlight spear, 2 heavenly thunder, 1 force, and a heal i think. north rirutalband+0 south+2, blue clearstone +2 and agape ring, lion mage gear and crown, Lightning Dragon Chime +5 , and the mace from cleric starter with a boldstone an max upgraded +10 i think. on NG+ even..--- It not only makes the righthand invis ring doable for casters, it also makes faith pure caster possible at all;;rounded up spell uses means sunlight spear, that i only get 4 from, now get 1 more cast every 2 min. +3 great lightning spear every 2 min as well. basically the lower the amount of casts for the spell the more beneficial it is to get +10% rounded up. spells like Forbidden Sun is one of the best to use this with. along with Sunlight spear, Soul Geyser and so on.this crown is insane. i dont understand why more dont use it.