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Farming the proper blood gems nearly drove me insane (so many defiled amy fights oh my lord) but pushing this thing over 1000ar is well worth it. I just wish arcane wasn't so gimpy in a lot of the PvE areas
"It seems to be another reappearance of the Moonlight Greatsword" it seems? really, you think it *might* be a reappearance of the Moonlight Greatsword. are you sure?
It actually might be a reappearance of the large sword of moonlight from DeS instead, good point
This sword is like the One ring. Everybody wants it, it's power is always abused, then eventually, it destroys the wielder and searches for another. It also changes sizes to fit the current owner apparently. One sword to rule them all, one sword to find them, one sword to bring them all, and in the darkness BIND them!
If i was max lvl what would be the best gems?
Do not underestimate a quality build with this weapon. With use of blood bullets and the rally system, the light waves are nearly infinite which even at base arcane racks up damage depending on how much you charge it, not to mention the hit stun. If you are unfortunate enough to face such a build, be even more on guard when the sword isn't transformed, as the viscerals will sustain usage of light waves if they don't take out all your hp. Now just imagine a build that has access to all physical damage types that can use any, cannon, the minigun, flamesprayer, rosmarinus, and a tonritus for good measure. Yes, you could max out the potential of the sword, but I think versatility always wins.