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Anyone know if blessed could be better than heavy on a str/fth build? I doubt it, but curious if anyone has ever tried
For str/fth: Lightning > heavy > blessed
Almost sure Lightning is better. Because this weapon like few other weapons has a small bonus in base damage for Lightning infusions (the great mace has this bonus too…). And personnally i would advise blessed over heavy. Because, still good to scale your damage with your faith to not waste it and i would not neglect the HP regen… And by the way dont worry about the low dex scaling, the requirement is yet sufficient.
I cant link it (dont know how), but there is an amazing guide to this on reddit. This weapon is really underrated as it is, just go check it out. One more thing to add to that guide though, you can dead angle this. If you unlock and turn in a circle and r1, it does a sweep, kinda inconsistent though.
I feel like this weapon could be an absolute monster with Carthus Rouge or a blood infusion. You could follow up the L2 with a Blood Corvian Dagger or Crow Talons.
I've seen some players swear by this weapon. What's the deal with it? Is there a secret way to use it, because in my experience I've been about 40/60 in pvp on a qual build, and the few wins have been from out-ranging, which any polearm can do
It has ridiculous counter dmg, that's why. Other than that it's pretty plain.
2H R1 combos into the charge which almost always combos into the unparriable charged R2 on wake-up. All of this together is a 1 shot a lot of the time. Heavy infusion with a heavy Estoc in the left hand and the Leo Ring and you are in for a treat. Skill is still needed tho, by far not a "noob friendly" weapon.
refer to Dangitjim's weapon review. you can see all the weird quirks with this weapon
This weapons one-handed r1 makes you step forward further than other weapons in it s class and staggers almost like a hammer. Offhand dragonslayer s greataxe or yhorm s machete and rumble some health bars
All this weapon needs is a pair of balls hangn' from it and you could poke everything in site...