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How much dirt will I eat while being smashed into the ground?
all of it.
Apparently, all of it. Tigrex does not let you get up until you've eaten all of the dirt.
And that's vale dirt to who knows how many dead things are in that dirt
Finally big bad twiggy is back
Reminder that the canon pronunciation of Tigrex is "TEE-grex," not "TYE-grex." The developers and Handler say so. This reveals that the first half of Tigrex's name is Spanish in origin, not English. "Tigre" (TEE-gray) is Spanish for tiger. I believe that if the first half of the name WAS English in origin, the name of this monster would be "Tigerex." A single "e" can make a huge difference.
Wouldn't the canon pronunciation be the one in the "Monster Hunter Language" option? In that case it would be "Tye-Grex".
The developers are Japanese; that's why they say the syllable "ti" as "tee".



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What if there's separate canon pronunciations based on language? For instance, "Monster Hunter Language" says it as "TYE-grex" while (IN-GAME) English and Japanese says it as "TEE-grex?" Then it would be more like a "To-MAY-to"/"To-MAH-to" situation. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Why does it matter how I pronounce its name?
Fighting this thing in the beta is a pain in the butt
Fighting 2 of these things at the same time before Palico's and monsters fighting each other were introduced was a massive pain in the butt.
The Monster Hunter Stamina Test is a multi-zone stamina capacity test that gets progressively more difficult as it continues. The full canteen benefit test begins in 20 seconds. Line up at area 6. The stamina decrease starts at Wiggly Litchi but will slowly progress to Waterblight each minute after you hear this signal. *Deafening roar.* Stamina should be recharged by the time you hear this signal. *Wild screech.* Remember to dodge in the correct direction as Tigrex may block a direction entirely. The test ends once you get stunlocked into hell three times. The test will commence at “Quest Start.” Ready, set, Quest Start! SCREEEEEEEE-
Just use stun charm, makes fight piece of cake
you will never get laid nerd
*****ing SOMEHOW, while farming for the last required mats for Tigrine Need, i got MORE MANTLES than Cortex. I dont need Mantles, I need Cortex
Is he supposed to have unlimited stamina, i never got more than 1 hit with any weapon in the gaps of his attacks and he never got exhausted, this guy is bs
Welcome to Iceborne. The trash devs were too lazy to make good monsters, so they made monsters with bloated HP, unlimited stamina, infinite stagger resist, and no natural openings. Garbage. Waste of money.
Mine was constantly exhausted and limping and showed he was almost dead then after a few minutes he jumped up to full health. May have been glitchy because he spawned almost dead in the main mission
Man, I want to love this monster, I really do. It has such a great design, and that damaging roar is incredibly unique, yet it never seems to use this trademark skill. Instead I’m just left playing a glorified game of tag, chasing after the thing as it runs around. There’s an agile, lithe monster, and then there’s this. Potential to be a great on your toes fight, instead feels like a chore. Poor Tigrex. Least he’s got a great, well, everything else! Theme, physical design, I love everything about Tigrex except the run spam. Rather be curb-stomped by a new feature than annoyed by one we’ve already seen.
Why is Tigex autistic in world? I mean, think about it, mouth breathing, random screaming, ramming himself into things like an idiot,. Tigrex has autism
Kill yourself
First timer eh..