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You suck so much you can suck my peepee
No they don't
Frick you
No, Manus just made you suck HIS*****and now you’re just salty.
V *****s below


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I just had someone on xbox drop me 99 Soul of Manus. Thats 99 playthroughs??? right??? There is no way to hack on xbox right??? wtf 99 Soul of Manus
You can hack on xbox its just...complicated
you can also dupe via save scuming
theres a glitch on 360 where you can multiply itens using framp. Dont know if works on remaster
Looking for someone to help me transfer soul of Manus to my character. Playing on Switch.
“-lukewarm lump of gentile humanity.” oyvey
Oh those goyum
Does anybody use anybody's soul to trade with snuggly besides manus?